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Technical & training


1999, NZSSDA has organised technical seminars / training across a wide range of topics and issues. Until 2019, these were mostly held in-person free of charge to members (with a nominal charge to non-members).

With the retirement of Les Boulton and then the arrival of Covid in 2019, we have moved to promoting webinars and on-line training provided by a number of international partners.

Technical service:

As a member of NZSSDA, you have access to free technical support when required (for non-members, there may be a fee involved subject to the time required to research / respond to specific enquiries, although on most occasions we will endeavour to provide this service for free)

Through our international partnerships, we have access to experienced metallurgists and technical experts from organisations such as

  • World stainless
  • Nickel Institute (NI)
  • International Molybdenum Association (IMOA)

Please complete the technical enquiry form, and we aim to provide initial feedback within 1 working day.

Technical Enquiry Form

This form is for submitting a technical enquiry.



We have regular access to on-line webinars and training, provided on behalf of both members and non-members through our international partnerships. Many will be free-of-charge, while some are fee based.

These partners include the following :


Team Stainless


Nickel Institute




We will endeavour to post upcoming webinar information prior to each event as we receive notification.  In many instances, you will be able to register directly on-line with the organisation concerned.

Otherwise, we will arrange for registration on your behalf.

Most of these will be eligible for CPD points (whether recorded by yourself professionally, or by certificates of attendance issued after attendance)

There are also many recorded webinars that can be accessed – please contact if you have a specific topic that you are interested in.

ASSDA Stainless Steel Specialist Course


The Stainless Steel Specialist Course (SSSC) is a breakthrough educational tool that provides a standard level of knowledge and qualification across the industry. It provides comprehensive information about every aspect of stainless steel practice in Australia. It is offered online via the International Stainless Steel Forum.

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Have any technical questions or inquiries?


If you have a question about the selection or use of a nickel-containing material, please log-in here to visit our technical inquiry service. Your question will be directed to one of our network of experts.

All queries will be directed to the Nickel Institute Technical Inquiry Service (log-in required or else create a new account on their website).

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Common Stainless Steel Grades, Chemical Compositions & Standards

Stainless steels have diverse properties which provide viable and cost-effective solutions to a vast range of applications. So, it’s important that the correct grade is selected for the right application and environment.

It’s also important that material is manufactured according to trusted standards and specifications to help organise, develop and supply goods that are safe & sustainable.

Download: Stainless grades & chemical composition


Download: Typical standards for stainless steels

Stainless Steel in the Dairy Industry


Dairying has been an agricultural practice since people first started domesticating animals. Milk and dairy products are a vital part of the diet for many people. They contain most of the basic elements neces-sary for children to grow and are an important part of the human diet.

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Sustainable steel in engineering & construction


Stainless steel is a material with attractive appearance, excellent corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, low maintenance requirements and long life. These properties are valued by design engineers and as a result, stainless steel is finding increasing use in a wide range of applications in engineering structures.

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