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Longveld Achieves Excellence in Quality Management

27 May 2024

Longveld Achieves Excellence in Quality Management

Source HERA/articles for Michail Karpenko (Thank you to HERA for allowing NZSSDA permission to use this article.)

In the age of Industry 4.0 and advanced quality control systems, Longveld has become the first New Zealand stainless steel fabricator certified by HERA Cert.

This process has seen them meet the requirements of the International Institute of Welding Manufacturer Certification Scheme IIW ISO AS/ NZS 3834 Part 2 – Comprehensive.

A drive to expand and refine capability

Longveld was founded by Pam and Les Roa in 1992 with little more than a toolbox, a welder and some great trade skills, to provide stainless steel site installation services to the dairy sector in Australasia.

Managing Director Pam Roa saying: “We led a number of site-based teams carrying out projects in New Zealand, Singapore and Indonesia, and by the end of the 90?s our customers were asking us to apply our high level of quality, and attention to detail, to the fabrication of stainless steel primary processing equipment.”

Since opening their fabrication facility at the current site in Hamilton in April 1999, they’ve continued to expand and refine their capability, particularly in their project engineering and¬†design team.

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