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Worldstainless Webinar Series :-Understanding Corrosion; Chapter 2

20 April 2024

More than 4% of the GDP of developed countries is attached to the cost of fixing the impact of corrosion. In some extreme cases the impact of corrosion causes installations and structures to fail which can lead to loss of life, major disruption to urban environments, huge costs to fix the failures and significant reputational damage to major organizations. These cases always make the national and international news broadcasts.During our everyday lives we see corrosion all around us, but do we ever stop and think about why something is corroding. More importantly do we ever think what could happen if the corrosion we observe is not left unchecked or more appropriately prevented?Interestingly, we actually elect to hide some construction materials that corrode within other materials so we cannot quickly see the developing nature or later impact of corrosion. Furthermore, we actually create environments that cause materials to corrode due to our lack of understanding of what causes corrosion.If you would like to learn more about corrosion and how to prevent it, please join worldstainless Secretary-General Tim Collins on Thursday 22 June 2023 for Chapter 2 of our Understanding Corrosion webinar series.

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Latest News