ASSDA Book of new applications

The Book of New Applications which the ISSF published in 2016 and available on the ISSF website (click here), was very well received. It was a high quality publication and contained a very wide range of new applications for the use of stainless steel, with an appropriate write-up for each entry.

This type of publication has a significant impact on market development and it is therefore time to start preparing for a new edition. The ISSF are planning to publish the next book (in exactly the same style and format, in order to keep the series sequential) at their Annual Conference in Brussels in 2020.

That should give you all enough time to search your market areas for interesting new applications. The only condition is that the new application must be made predominantly from stainless steel, and, of course that it must grab the reader’s attention.

They need high resolution photographs; the name of the photographer (so they can get permission to publish); the place where it can be found; the grade and surface finish of the stainless steel, and, if possible the source of the stainless steel.

If there is a particular designer, please give the ISSF the designer's name, so they can get permission to publish the application. Finally, a brief description of the applications will be helpful. Don’t worry too much about the text – they will fix that.