Latest Publication from Nickel Institute

Nickel Institute is pleased to announce that its latest publication Nickel Compounds, The Inside Story is now available. The publication aims to provide a non-specialist audience with an overview of the uses of nickel compounds.

The 16-page brochure explains in a non-technical way the crucial contribution nickel compounds make in the value chain and why nickel has a key role to play in society now and in the future. Thanks to the NI members and technical consultants who helped us develop this publication which will be used as part of our outreach to regulators and other stakeholders.

With the deadline approaching for the classification of mixtures under EU CLP and UN GHS, NiPERA in collaboration with other metals associations has been increasing awareness about the importance of alloys and their proper human health classification among the scientific community. At a science conference in Nancy, France in early April, Adriana Oller presented a POSTER describing the unique properties of alloys as “special mixtures” and proposing the application of bioelution-based approaches for their classification.